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Cotton Mittens


Cotton mittens. Botanical prints

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Mittens in cotton printed with the technique of natural prints, or ecoprint.

Indigo, rose leaves, Japanese maple, roses

Dimensions: Width: 9 cm (wrist circumference: 18 cm), height: 24 cm


Each piece is unique, I make it entirely by hand, using a firing process similar to vegetable dyeing which requires a preparation of the fabrics (washing and mordanting) to allow the pigments contained in the plants to adhere.

Leaves and flowers, chosen for their shape and colouring power, leave their imprint on fabric or paper.

I mainly use local plants, picked in my garden or along the paths.

Maintenance tips:

Hand wash in room temperature water with a little PH neutral soap, dry in the shade and iron at medium temperature. Do not use bleach or stain remover. Natural pigments can be more fragile than chemical dyes, so it is advisable not to wash your textile too often and to store it away from the sun and the moon.


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