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Botanical Prints - Ecoprint

Developed by India Flint, the botanical printing technique or ecoprint allows to reveal the magic of plants by capturing their imprint.

The marks left by plants on paper or different fabrics with the help of water, heat and different metals offer an infinite variety of colours and shapes, leaving plenty of room for improvisation and discovery.

Directly linked to nature, this technique offers infinite possibilities in a magical universe full of surprises, colours and scents, and can be combined with other techniques such as shibori, rust and so many other textile explorations.

samples - natural dyes - natural dyeing

Natural dyes

The materials previously washed and then mordanised (preparation of the fabric allowing the pigments to "stick" to the material) are immersed in baths of plants, flowers or bark that have released their colour by cooking or maceration.

Dyeing can be done either hot or cold, with techniques varying according to the plant and the material to be dyed. Garden plants, field flowers or wild shrubs, many have dyeing power.